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The Economy of every country and complex can move the wheels of science and technology. But is that enough to restrict ourselves only to domestic markets? is the competitive spirit enough only for inside the borders with limited tastes and demands? International trading can be a new soul for any organization. therefore walking into this road requires for you to learn its knowledge and let the people who are known to this way guide you through it. PEZHVAK TEJATRAT Co. will be honored to share all of her knowledge and experiences, which are achieved after years of activity in this field with those interested in this way



مشاوره در زمینه صادرات، واردات و سرمایه گذاری

Iran&Middle East markets seems different with other markets in world.For enter to this markets you need consultant that should knows any thing about these markets. Pezhvak Tejarat can help you as a consultant or agent in middle east area.

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Pezhvak Tejarat CO

Do you plan to enter Iran’s Market? Iran is developing country with untapped markets and if you plan to expand your business, we can assist you in Iran and other middle-east countries.


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