Human Resources Department



  • Introduction

    Human is an important factor to achieve organization purposes. Administrative affairs department actually includes organizations human aspects. Today, researches indicate this fact that there is a close relation between managing human resources and the chance of achieving organization purposes, therefore this department is considered as one of the important aspects of any organization. Expert, experienced and effective personnel are considered as most valuable asset of any organization which made researchers, and social and economic planners name this century the age of human resources and communications transcendence management. Attention to expert human resources and optimal use of individual ideas and skills of every single personnel, leads any organization toward achieving predetermined goals and substantiation of meritocratic system. Administrative affairs department is trying to get the satisfaction of staff and provide organizational goals and took responsibility of gathering information and planning administrative and personnel affairs of staff, accurate selection and usage of selective tests in order to identify those who are able to cooperate, communicating in order to make sure of bilateral procedures which will inform everyone, comprehensive and frequent communication with staff, institutionalizing new approaches, Recruitment, selecting, and improving and also planning in order of appropriate distribution of human resources for in need departments, and finally performing the process related to their educational affairs.

  • Purposes

    Planning, controlling resources, activities and administrative process of organization in order to support plans and purposes of complex and performing personnel affairs of organization staff in order to raise their spirit and motivating them

  • Specialists

    Administrative department of PEZVAK TEJARAT Trading Co. are powerfully performing their duties to achieve company goals like other departments in this complex under the following responsibilities:

    1. Recruitment and employment administrator: Due to particular sensitiveness of recruitment, after completing general and exclusive interview forms and also for technical departments after performing practice tests the recruitment will be executed. Currently 150 staff with different specialties and experiences are engaged in manufacturing, administrative and human resources, finance, quality control, and trading departments.
    2. Staff affairs attendant: All the contracts, settlements, entering and exiting of personnel, and finally performance and payment of staff are executed with related software
    3. Morgue

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