Legal and International Disputes Solution Department

  • Introduction

    From the beginning of trading history until now there has always been troubles afflicting the parties to the transaction. By legalization of communities and making rule for every affairs , a fulcrum has been shaped to solve business disputes. But unfortunately some business men and economic activists are losing most of the litigations due to the lack of awareness. With this purpose Pezhvak legal department was organized for legal support of Pezhvak associates against contractual issues. By using years of experience and having total dominance on all of the business rules, alongside facilitating business route this department has always settled legal affairs of business organizations and prevented many massive damages.

  • Purposes

    • Offering legal and suitable solutions to facilitate international trading affairs
    • Defending the rights of Pezhvak Tejarat associate organizations in international courts in order to prevent further damages resulted by international disputes to these organizations

  • Specialists

    • Experienced and known to the rules business men
    • Legal consultants and lawyers in the field of international laws

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