Planning, Systems, and Method Improving Department



  • Introduction

    Planning department refers to the division that is charged with planning and best usage method of all resources in order to be able to answer all sales and customers demands. This department perform its duties which includes designing and establishment of optimal staffing, material, information, equipment and energy based on principals and analyzing methods and determination and evaluation of system expected outcome in all of company’s activities in order to optimize all resources.

  • Purposes

    The planning team of this organization wishes to inform about what should be achieved through major comparison between current situation and desired situation and relevant assessment of economic, political, competitive and industrial of the questioning area; and determines what should be achieved by using strategy, policy, procedures, rules, budgets and time schedule, through accurate recognition of problems, opportunities, determining expected rules and the time to reach the more emphasized issues.

  • The description of duties for this course

    • planning, developing, establishing and updating strategic management system based on scientific models
    • planning, developing, establishing and updating operational programs and controlling those programs based on scientific models
    • Planning, developing, providing, promoting and publication of primary and ancillary policies and key elements and main design
    • Discriminating and prioritizing and performing all the required processes in order to select and make contract with powerful organizations, individuals, companies and institutions in the required fields for strategic management
    • Instructing, supervising, controlling and evaluating procedures and project(s) or activities outcome
    • Planning, developing, and providing required programs, mechanisms and instructions for implementing backup strategies and infrastructure abilities development programs and presenting to senior management and departments and different and relevant units
    • Performing all the necessary activities and proceedings, planning, organizing, required preparations and pursues in order to arrange, provide, develop, review, and updating annual operating plans
    • Planning, developing, providing and updating indicators, benchmarks, instructions, mechanisms, methods and an operational comparison for evaluating plans, and operational and strategic decisions and controlling the performance of these plans and also control and evaluation of actions and substantiations of policies
    • Performing necessary actions for supervising and controlling the progress and performance of programs, plans and strategic and operational decisions according to criteria, indicators, operational indicators and prepared instructions
    • Comparing executive performances and activities with plans, purposes, and strategic decisions and also with plans and operational purposes and preparing different reports
    • Announcing annual operational schedules of every single department to systematic operational evaluating team in order to analyze executive performances and activities of departments with operational programs and evaluating organizational departments performance
    • Performing all the required activities and actions, designs, planning, organizing, studies, preparations, and follow ups in order to manage and develop services market and infrastructure incomes appropriate increase out of customers quantitative and qualitative increase
    • Planning, developing, establishing, and updating data base and required information banks for registering and recording required base information for more efficient and effective performance of department duties
    • Updating data bases and information banks

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