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Pezhvak can help you in your products transport.maybe you want transport something from a country to another country and you don't know that law. Pezhvak is inside you and will consult you. so just call us

What is visa?

Do you like to see historical places or real nature ? if you want refresh your sprit you can pick up your baggage and your visa and go to historical countries like iran.oh you don't know about visa? pezhvak is here to help you ... see this article that it is from wikipedia :

(pic : North of iran-a castle on mountan)


If you have an acceptable business in your town/city/country etc and you want to expand your business, you should start international trade(you can do it your self or make a work realationship with a trader company), so you should learn base of international marketing.in this article, pezhvak show you how you can import materials or how you can export your products...




if you are starting international business, you should read this article

source : wikipedia.org


International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories, which could involve the activities of the government and individual.[1] In most countries, such trade represents

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Do you plan to enter Iran’s Market? Iran is developing country with untapped markets and if you plan to expand your business, we can assist you in Iran and other middle-east countries.


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