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Divorce is emotionally and financially stressful for all couples, but when one spouse owns a business that has supported the family, structuring a settlement can become complicated. With careful negotiations and planning, you can hold onto that business.

“Basically, you really want to try to maintain the value of the business and the value to the marital estate,” says Marc Effron, certified public accountant and managing partner at White Elm Group, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. “The best way to do this is to make every effort to keep the business in place through the divorce process.”

A future perspective is important, as is protecting the business’s income stream, especially when alimony and child support are involved. Both spouses also need to be willing to compromise. “There’s a certain amount of cooperation and mutuality of interest when there’s a business involved,” says Gemma Allen, partner at Ladden & Allen in Chicago. “It’s in everyone’s best interest to make an economically viable deal.”

  • EU place in trade with Iran

     The EU used to be the first trading partner of Iran, but due to the sanctions regime, China, the UAE and Turkey are now Iran's main trade partners, followed by the EU.  

    • Most EU imports from Iran are energy related, while EU exports to Iran are mainly machinery and transport equipment and chemicals. Due to the sanctions, EU oil imports from Iran came to a complete halt. Total EU imports from Iran decreased by 86% between2012-13, and total EU exports decreased by 26% during the same period.


More than thirty years ago, when International Living first suggested that a life of luxury in an exotic paradise not only was in everybody’s reach, but also more affordable that your current lifestyle in the U.S. … it was a radical idea. In many ways it still is… unless you have the full picture. Unlike most folks, our readers know they can live a happier, more fulfilling and more prosperous life overseas… and they trust International Living’s publications to inform them in an accurate and timely manner of the latest, hottest opportunities for a better, more comfortable life in an offshore haven.

So maybe it is time to show for you ! you can use this issue to make your business bigger.

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Mashhad City has fast gained a reputation as one of the major medical tourism destinations of west Asia and the Middle East. Mashhad’s hospitals are among the best in the region and most private hospitals have internationally recognized quality standards. Mashhad has become the chosen destination for medical travelers from all across the world due to many reasons. The cheaper cost of treatment in Mashhad, highly qualified doctors, and picturesque tourist destinations. Most private hospitals in Mashhad provide accommodation facilities to tourists. Given Mashhad’s low cost of living, the accommodation does not cost a lot to the medical tourists. 

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Do you plan to enter Iran’s Market? Iran is developing country with untapped markets and if you plan to expand your business, we can assist you in Iran and other middle-east countries.


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