Export Management Company

Export management company is a type of intermediary companies that are responsible for exporting goods of small and large enterprises.

Import Services

Export Management Company, by finding the target goods from the main factories, buying and sending goods to Iran with a guarantee Performs optimal performance in Iran. The company has business offices in different countries with the ability Buy from all over the world.

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Export Services

Export management company with commercial offices in other countries has started marketing for Iranian goods and by finding The target market has succeeded in exporting numerous industrial and consumer goods to various countries, including countries Has become a neighbor.

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International Shipping Services

Pajhwok Tejarat Export Management Company with strong forward activity, providing transportation services including containers, public goods, bulk and refrigerators, tankers And chartering from the southern ports of the country to the major ports of the world and the Persian Gulf and vice versa.

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Customs services and customs clearance

Another honor of the Export Management Company is having a national customs license from the Iranian Customs, which With the efficiency of experienced personnel and potential facilities, it is ready to offer customs services, customs clearance and transit.

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Pezhvak Tejarat Export Management Company

Business Resume

Oil, gas and petrochemical industry

Including the services of the Export Management Company, supply of equipment, equipment needed for electricity, power and switchboard accessories Company supplying industrial automation hardware and some electrical items, lighting and fire alarm system Bandar Imam Petrochemical - Mahshahr - is the site of a special economic zone Supply of electrical equipment, instruments and industrial automation

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Food and Drug Industry

including the activities of the export management company Echo of Razavi yeast trade, Razavi dairy products, Razavi Quds bread, Zamzam Mashhad, Khoshgavar Mashhad, Dina food industry , Multi milk powder, Mashhad milking parlor, Shahdineh Khorasan, Shahdiran, Aria Mobtakar Shargh, Kimia Dan, Greenh, Three flowers Khorasan, Neishabour white flour, Babarakat flour, Nazanin dairy industry, Setareh Shargh cheese, Sadegh paste, Tabarak paste, Nazgol, Farachasht, Iran Molasses.

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Cement and concrete industry

Pajhwok Tajat Export Management Company can be found in Zaveh Torbat Cement, West Asia Cement, East Cement (Mashhad Cement), Bojnourd Cement, Kavian Concrete, Paydar Beton, Perin Amoud concrete, Besat concrete pointed out.

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Automotive Industry

Among the collaborations of Pajhwok Tejarat Export Management Company, we can mention Iran Khodro Khorasan, Mashhad Ring Manufacturing, Rubber Part, Poyagster, Taklan Toos, Forge Part Sazan, Tohid Khorasan Casting Industries, Bisparsazeh, Khorasan Cast Iron, Mobtakar Shargh Auto .

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