Pezhvak Trading Company Samin Zafar



❖ Import, export and after-sales service
❖ Design, consulting and implementation of industrial projects
❖ Providing technical and engineering services
❖ Supply of parts in the fields of:
Health, treatment and medicine - Metal industry - Food - Electrical and electronics industry - Glass industry - Automotive industry - Machinery - Agricultural industry - Packaging industry - Construction industry - Petroleum materials Chemicals and ..

Company Services:

❖ Import Services
❖ Export Services
❖ International Transport Services
❖ Customs and clearance services

Import services:

Import services from finding the target goods from the main factories, buying and sending goods to Iran with a guarantee Optimal execution of work is done in Iran. The company has business offices in different countries with the ability Purchasing is from all countries of the world. Some of the relevant work records are as follows:

chemical products
Products related to the oil industry
Electronic items
Materials used in dairy and food factories
Industrial raw materials
Motorcycle parts, automobiles and industrial tools
Machines and parts, including engraving machines on wood, leather and stone, discs and cutting segments, etc.
Finished products including stationery, clothing, fabrics, artificial flowers, leather
Types of biotechnology products such as biological fertilizers, BIOCLEAN COMPOST, microbial plant growth stimulants, Sewage Bioclean,, agricultural biotechnology products (Magic-gro Plus, Magic-gro Drip) and ...

Export Services:

The company has commercial offices in other countries to market Iranian goods and by finding Target markets have succeeded in exporting numerous industrial and consumer goods to various countries, including countries Neighbors such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Asia and the Gulf states. one of the most important Export of special and unique products to distant countries. Export of red gold or saffron The volume has been large.

International Shipping Services:

Shipping services
With strong forwarding activity, it provides container shipping services, public goods, bulk and refrigeration, tankers and chartering from the southern ports of the country to the major ports of the world and the Persian Gulf and vice versa.
Ground transportation
Land and sea transportation services by truck and container from different origins in Europe to destinations in Iran and Central Asia and vice versa in the form of carriers and forwarders.
Air transport
From different sources on five continents to Iran and vice versa
Transit to all domestic and foreign customs in special and free trade zones by truck and train

Customs and clearance services:

Another honor of this company is having a national customs license from the Iranian customs. Which is ready to offer customs services, customs clearance and transit with the efficiency of experienced personnel and potential facilities.

Business and International Relations

➢ Ten years of continuous cooperation with the Industrial Estates Company and communication with more than 100 industrial and production units
➢ Business communication and marketing for business desks in ten different countries
➢ Connect with more than 5,000 companies and factories worldwide
➢ Active member of Khorasan Razavi Chamber of Commerce
➢ Science and Technology Park Marketing and Marketing Consultant
➢ Has strong connections and local staff living in 7 countries including Iraq, Bulgaria, China, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and ...
➢ Has a professional translator staff, consisting of several people in different languages ​​professionally (English, Korean, French, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, etc.)
➢ Carrying out several specialized marketing projects for different and reputable companies in different countries

Business resume of this company so far:

Oil, gas and petrochemical industry
Supply of equipment for lawyers required for power supply and switchboard accessories Supply of industrial automation hardware and some electrical items, lighting and fire alarm system for Bandar Imam Mahshahr Petrochemical Company, the site of a special economic zone Supply of electrical equipment, instruments and industrial automation
Cement and concrete industry
Zaveh Torbat Cement, West Asia Cement, East Cement (Mashhad Cement), Bojnourd Cement, Kavian Concrete, Paydar Concrete, Perin Amood Concrete, Besat Concrete.
The automotive industry
Iran Khodro Khorasan, Mashhad Rim Manufacturing, Rubber Part, Pouyagster, Toos Toos, Forge Part Sazan, Tohid Khorasan Casting Industries, Bisparsazeh, Khorasan Cast Iron, Khodro and Mobtakar Shargh.
Chinese, ceramic tile industry
Maghsoud Chinese Company, Birch Tile, Tima Tile, Farzad Tile, Turquoise Tile, Niloofar Tile, Diamond Tile, Idasram, Sepideh Jam Birch, Taqdiس گناباد.
Food and drug industry
Razavi dough, Razavi dairy products, Quds Razavi bread, Zamzam Mashhad, Khoshgavar Mashhad, Dina food industry, Multi milk powder, Mashhad milking parlor, Shahdineh Khorasan, Shahdiran, Aria Mobtakar Shargh, Kimia Dan, Green, Khorasan three flowers, Neishabour white flour, Babarakat flour, Nazanin dairy industry, Setareh Shargh cheese, Sadegh paste, Tabarak paste, Nazgol, Farachasht, Iran Molasses.
Carpet and textile industry
Mashhad carpet, Mashhad dyeing, Shadilon, emerald carpet.
Iron and steel industry
Birch Iron and Steel, Kuhpayeh Steel Industries, Khorasan Steel Complex.
Electrical and power plant industry
Shariati power plant, Ferdowsi power plant, Yazd power plant, Shirvan power plant, Mapna operation, Azarakhsh power transmission, Shahid Kaveh combined cycle power plant.
Plastics and profiles industry
Aria Kavan Atlas, Tulica, Lorestan Polyester Industry, Sina Shargh Profile Industries, Mashhad Adhesive (Samad), Mashhad Shapely.
Water and Wastewater Industry
Sistan and Baluchestan Rural Water and Sewerage, Mashhad Water and Sewerage, Khorasan Razavi Province Water and Sewerage, Golestan Province Water and Sewerage (through a contractor), Toos Ab, Rey Ab Consulting Engineers.
Printing and packaging industry
Printing of Astan Quds, printing of Quran Astan Quds Razavi, Khorasan newspaper, Quds newspaper, Armaghan Golbahar. And some other companies such as: General Office of School Renovation of Khorasan Razavi, Samen Pharmacy, Hazrat Javad Al-A'meh Industries, Defense, Technical and Professional Industries No. 2, Tabas Coal, Electrical and Steel, Kosar Garlic Rail, Sanctuary Development Motahar Razavi, Radan Tahvieh, Mammoth Elevator, Page Industry Age Machine, Reza Electrode, Sadaf Leather and ....

Training resume of Pajhwok Tejarat's training department:

The training unit of Pajhwok Tejarat Company in order to upgrade the technical and engineering knowledge of the specialists of that esteemed company in Provide the following topics for your educational services:

✓ Customs right training course>
✓ Marketing Strategies Training Course
✓ Professional sales management training course
✓ Foreign order registration training course (electronic)
✓ Specialized seminars in various fields
✓ Creativity and innovation in the business environment
✓ Rapid organizational transformation in 90 days

It should be noted that in addition to the titles and titles approved by this department, for industrial centers, the company's technical team After studying the work space and technical and engineering requirements, compile the headings corresponding to that industrial unit and Suggests.

Scientific and commercial presentations by Pajhwok Tejarat:

➢ Participation in Mashhad International Electric Exhibitions from - 85 to 93
➢ Attend international exhibitions in Germany, China, Tajikistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, - Afghanistan and ...
➢ Industrial Automation Seminar in collaboration with the Scientific Association of Khorasan University

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